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Pioneering sex therapist Michael Quadland has studied those who feel “out of control” with their sexual behavior.He found the patient’s and therapist’s beliefs about what is sexually “normal” the biggest controlling factor in whether the behavior is deemed compulsive or destructive.A year ago I heard Ed Welch give a talk at a conference in Philadelphia entitled, “Addiction, Temptation, & Voluntary Slavery.” He spoke about how so often the “Big Book” used by AA members seems so much more alive to them than the words of the Bible. One reason is the Big Book uses “addiction” language. The recovering alcoholic needs to understand the language of the Bible.The Bible doesn’t talk of “addiction,” but rather “slavery to sin.” The Bible doesn’t speak of the root of habitual sin as merely a “disease,” but as “idolatry.” Once these categories are understood, many portions of Scripture can and do come to life for the struggling addict.

The Bible speaks of a slavery to sin that has affected the whole human race.

Each new picture or video clip promises a new sensation. This desire for novelty is also the reason why we move from less graphic to more graphic pornography over time: the downward spiral is fed by a desire for novelty.

This is why porn-addicted men don’t simply log on, quickly find one appealing image, and gratify themselves. For the Christian who engages in pornography, typically there are added dimensions of guilt and paranoia.

Why are Christian men more likely to feel the term “porn addiction” applies to them?

Another recent study from Case Western Reserve University confirms this.

The apostle Paul wrote, “[I]f it had not been for the law, I would not have known sin.

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Any christian in to sex chat introduction

Any christian in to sex chat

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