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Bob jone interracial dating

Again, any apology needs to include public repentance and a plea for forgiveness from Larry King and the American people.When I watched Bob Jones III being interviewed by Larry King, I was appalled; much of what Bob Jones III was saying was simply untrue!Quote of the Day: "What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive." D.Dafoe Definition of the Day: "Bigot: One obstinately and irrationally, often intolerantly, devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion." (Webster's Third New International Dictionary) One of the things that always amazes me about many of my fellow BJU alums, including current BJU president Stephen Jones, is the unqualified praise they heaped upon Bob Jones III for dropping the interracial dating/marriage ban on the Larry King Live show in 2000.

She said, 'If Bob Jones III was so adamantly wrong about the interracial marriage ban being "Bible policy," what else has he taught us that is wrong.' Clearly, Bob Jones III violated and betrayed a sacred trust that an ordained minister of the Gospel - and educator - would not handle the Word of God deceitfully or craftily. However mistaken, with Bob Jones III's continued dissembling on this issue, he reveals that his 'mistake' was deliberate and that he is bent upon dodging responsibility for his actions.The authors of the Petition at Please Reconcile, Ignore, Defend, Forget, or Apologize?have done an excellent job of concisely exposing the deception Bob Jones III employed on LKL to deceive Larry King and the American people about the true nature and history of BJU's interracial dating and marriage ban.Bob Jones University is apologizing for racist policies that included a one-time ban on interracial dating and its unwillingness to admit black students until 1971.In a statement posted Thursday on its Web site, the fundamentalist Christian school founded in 1927 in northwestern South Carolina says its rules on race were shaped by culture instead of the Bible.

Thus, it is equally important that Bob Jones III publicly repent for his sin of bearing false witness just as other religious leaders have publicly repented for their breaches of the Ten Commandments.

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03-Jan-2019 01:50
Bob Jones University Weblog. The interracial dating rule that Bob Jones III maintained to a national audience that they "never talk about or preach" apparently. 
03-Jan-2019 01:54
Mar 5, 2000. GREENVILLE, S. C. March 4—Bob Jones University's decision to lift its half-century ban on interracial dating has stunned students and the fundamentalist Christian school's supporters who learned about it Friday night in a national television interview with President Bob Jones III. "I don't think even his own. 
03-Jan-2019 01:57
Bob Jones University does, however, have a rule prohibiting interracial dating among its students. God has separated people for His own purpose. 
03-Jan-2019 02:02

Bob jone interracial dating introduction

Bob jone interracial dating