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If you watch them in Season 1 and Season 5, they're exactly the same people but they've changed so much. NF: The first couple of seasons he looked like a quasi homeless kid. What's funny is Noel was cast [and] we never read with each other, so we're lucky we had good chemistry, because I think a lot of this comes from compatible ways of approaching the material.

It's been incremental and it's a huge credit to these two guys. As a writer, when you're gifted with working with actors who can actually do those kinds of things, you want to give them the space. We gained a little bit of a rapport, a shorthand, by this point, which helps.

Both halves of TV's most perfectly imperfect couple — Cameron Monaghan and Noel Fisher — along with Shameless writer and executive producer Etan Frankel sat down with Buzz Feed News to discuss the couple's evolution, possible devolution, and how the most iconic "Gallavich" moments were brought to life.

Did you know from the beginning that Mickey would turn out to be the main love interest for Ian? NF: And then we just continued that for the rest of the show: Fight, fuck, fight, fuck, fight, fuck.

I think that at the heart, as Etan was saying, it's a story about two people who are just trying to figure out how to be with each other, and that's something that I think is hugely relatable for everyone.

That's one of the biggest reasons I'm happy [to be] a part of this story, because I think it's a really lovely lesson that anyone can relate to.

And those simple scenes to me are sometimes the most effective scenes, because they're basic human emotions.

CM: They're two hard-headed, passionate characters, and when they're this passionate, there's always going to be clashing and drama and all the stuff that goes with it — and that's always an exciting thing to play.

NF: Anytime you have characters with a lot of antagonism leveled at them — be that the whole LGBT aspect here or any other kind of circumstance anyone goes through — it's going to create great opportunities to tell good stories and for drama to take place.

EF: As happy as I am that the gay community has really embraced this storyline, to me, it is much bigger than that, and that's why it's very relatable.

I think anyone can find a way into this story and understand obstacles that a couple faces as they try to make things work, whether that's their own beliefs about themselves or bipolar disorder or what have you.

For the sake of the American show, it had to find its own identity. Episode 7, which I wrote, where Mickey and Ian pair up for the first time... I don't think any of us knew where it was going to go.

Which, as a writer, is the most exciting thing, because it becomes very organic. And then when you see these two on-screen and what they do with it ... As a writer, you feel secure writing a scene knowing they're going to knock it out of the park and they'll find things you didn't necessarily intend, so you find beautiful moments.

it's about going the complete opposite way, and sometimes you lean into it.

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Sex dating in dalies new mexico

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